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Back again

Where back since the Golds before us became DW again im going to restart us. If any former leaders want to come back they can. We will work to get to the top again. I will get someone to work on the site and get us a chat.


Restart again

Hey Spongie555 here to say im going to restart the Golds again. Becuse the Golds arnt merged with DW anymore. Now DW is Reds and its a seprat army. If any 6th generation Gods want to help restart comment here. i added Dee back becuse i want him to help. ALso we are 8th generation Golds. SOmeone named Lucky88 made the 7th generation but failed. I will ask dream aka the Fallen if i can restart them.

NVM He said no. But im going to make the Yellows of Cp so if you want to help that comment here

Good-bye to the 5th genration

Well Dream got mad that i restarted the Golds so im shuting it down

i will leave the site up to show the start of the rebuiling of Golds. The recuintig is cancelled.

Here is all 5th generation leaders for the 6th genration if there will be one to know


Tiny Finn



and Djgtjvgyhxgy

Getting back on track

OK since this is the 5th generation of the Club Penguin Golds we are going to need to do some recruiting. It will be more difficult to get recruits in wars because yellow isn’t a common color that n00bs will like, which is our dis advantage. I’m conducting a way we can get around it and have an “advantage”. So major recruiting is all we need. A chat will come out soon and we will have our first recruiting session on August 1st. Here’s the information.

Where: Mammoth Town

Date: August 1

Time(s): 6:00 PM EST 3:00 PM PST 5:00 PM Central

Why: Recruiting for The Club Penguin Golds

I also need you guys PC’ing people and getting as much troops as you can get. 60 troops is when we become medium. Comment if you can make it.

p.s. I can make it lol

March on,



Spongie555 edit: ACP is going to help us in our mass recruiting. Ktman said dry said its OK. Come on guys lets make the 5th generation the best generation of Golds.


Hi im Spongie555 and im going to restart the Golds again. The Golds where restarted again before but they changed there name to Dark Warriors. So i asked Lorenzo Bean if i can restart them and he said yes. So join this historical army and make it major once again.